Our Story

GOLDJET Airways is an independent airline in West Africa, connecting major locations from The Gambia/Ghana and Abroad. We provide package holidays in Africa and the rest of the world.

The principle that travel is more than just getting away— it is about what you are going towards and the memories with which you return. GoldJet and partners believe that travel can be an event for change, change in how we see the world, how we think about other cultures, how we see ourselves, and how we live our lives.

Travel can change people in the most profound ways; it can bring us closer together, provide new opportunities, give new perspectives, and broaden horizons. Travel can help us grow.

Our management is dedicated to the vision of being high quality and good value airline offering a full range of services to travelers.

GOLDJET Airways employs over 200 staff, with its headquarters in The Gambia. Its team of employees is actively involved in training to ensure the highest possible level of safety and proficiency. With hundreds of years of combined experience in aviation, its carefully selected management team is committed to your comfort and safety, every step of the way.

Our fleet of aircraft includes the following:

  • B737-800
  • A330-200,
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